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About the firm
Update: 18-11-2014 17:09:21
Fact Sheet

Phuoc & Partners was founded in 2003 when Nguyen Huu Phuoc left KPMG Vietnam. The firm now has a distinguished 14 years history...

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Update: 18-11-2014 17:08:28
Our History

The strengths and qualities of our founder, Nguyen Huu Phuoc continue to influence and inspire our firm today..


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Update: 19-11-2014 10:02:27
Our Profile

Phuoc & Partners is an independent law firm with integrated legal advisory and litigation practices...

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Update: 21-11-2014 09:08:51
Our Culture

Phuoc & Partners is not just a typical example of a flourishing law firm. Our positive culture and client-focused values are, in our belief, what makes us unique...

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Update: 21-11-2014 09:11:53
Our Values

At Phuoc & Partners, our values, built upon univerally respected ideals, serve as the guidelines for our actions and the expectations we have imposed upon ourselves...

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Update: 21-11-2014 10:45:36
Major Deals

Phuoc & Partners are proud to have been at the center of several landmark transactions and cases in Vietnam...

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