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How to succeed to in starting law practice - Phuoc - Partners

How to succeed to in starting law practice

In society at present, the Legal profession can be seen as a noble profession that brings many benefits to people and society. That is why so many people desire to be successful with their career in law. In fact, people may encounter difficulties and barriers entering the legal profession, especially if they chase the profession with just passion and lacking strong knowledge and the necessary preparation. “How to succeed in starting law practice” is an extremely helpful book, as written by author Nguyen Huu Phuoc, the founding partner of Phuoc & Partners Law Firm. The book was developed from the passionate practical work experience of Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc after over twenty years of practice.

How to succeed to in starting law practice - Phuoc - Partners

How to succeed to in starting law practice – Phuoc – Partners

The book has 08 chapters synthesizing his diverse knowledge, with the content presented professionally with clear, simple language. Its references are geared to many different audiences including graduates in law or high school-students who are intending to study law at a university with the aim of becoming a lawyer in the future; or lawyers currently practising in Vietnam who wishing to start-up and establish a legal practice for themselves.

The book is a special publication of Phuoc & Partners containing plenty of enthusiasm that lawyer Nguyen Huu Phuoc at Phuoc & Partners has distilled and presented in a full and detailed way, with a desire to share his valuable experience to readers as a reference and tool current and soon-to-be practitioners within the legal profession.

“…This Handbook is also easy to understand because of its writing style. He expresses his own experience as if confiding in-person. I can see that he is deeply passionate about what he has gone through and would like to share it to other people in order that they can succeed more easily. He also uses a style which is fairly formal in some paragraphs but almost all other paragraphs are deceptively simple – sometimes his wit is hidden between the lines…”

Excerpts follow foreword by Master Luong Van Ly
For further information, please download How to succeed to in starting law practice – PDF