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In case I want to contact an assigned lawyer of Phuoc & Partners, should I contact his/her cell phone number or call to Phuoc & Partners’ main telephone number +84 (28) 3744 9977 and the call will be transferred to his/her extention?

Our recommendation is that you call Phuoc & Partners’ phone number +84 (28) 3744 9977 to be transfered to the lawyer’s extention (even if your telephone call is transferred to your lawyer’s mobile phone when they are not present in the office) instead of calling their cellphones for two main reasons: (1) when you communicate with our lawyers through Phuoc & Partners’ telephone line, your telephone call will be recorded in order for us to examine and improve the quality of our lawyers’ professional services; and (2) record the content of conversations between clients and lawyers so that they can be used to compare between our attorneys’ advice and what you have done based on those advice, where necessary.