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Labour Law Calendar 2018

Dear Valued Client,

We are now in the last days of the calendar year of 2017. This is the time at which enterprises need to comply with some legal requirements on labour law compliance in accordance with the applicable labour laws and regulations.

Phuoc & Partners has just reviewed the legal documents on labour and updated the latest provisions into the Labour Law Calendar for 2018, as usual. Please find attached the 2018 Labour Law Calendar (in English and Vietnamese) for your company’s reference. Please use this document to easily review, cross-check, prepare periodical labour compliance reports and then submit them to the competent State authorities by the required time.

We do hope the 2018 Labour Law Calendar is useful for your company  in complying with the labour law of Vietnam at the end of 2017 and for 2018.

For more information about the Labour Law Calendar for 2018, please click HERE

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