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Legal Update Newsletter August 2012

Our Part I of this Legal Newsletter is a legal article named “Consular legalization of foreign papers and documents – four steps to note written by our lawyer Ms. Duong Tieng Thu. By this article, we provide a number of comments regarding the procedure of legalizing for which the foreign investors need to notice in the process of finalizing legal documents in Vietnam.

In Part II, we would like to provide you with some remarkable regulations as follows:

  1. Enterprises may change the tax assessment period for corporate income tax
  2. New regulations on the establishment, operation and financial regime of insurance enterprises and presences of foreign insurance enterprises in Vietnam;
  3. To increase fees for issuance of the license for the establishment of representative office of foreign business entities in Vietnam.

Our Question and Answer section in Part III will provide you with legal information regarding the work permit of foreign employee working in Vietnam.

Apart from the above, as usual, the selected list of news regulations is available for your further reference.

We hope that this Newsletter is of use to you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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