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Legal Update Newsletter December 2017

Our Part I of this Legal Newsletter introduces the legal article titled “What tax rates should foreign investors be subject to?”, written by our Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh. In this article, the author raises the issue on the tax rates and holding tax calculation method applicable to investors as foreign entities that have invested in securities investment funds. According to the author, the investors as foreign entities have difficulty in determining their holding tax obligations upon dissolution of the member fund due to the guidance from local tax authorities despite the existing relevant legislation. Through the article, the author points out that the guidance of the local tax authorities as to assessing holding taxes on the investors as foreign entities upon dissolution of the member fund is irrational and incorrect in light of the nature of the  securities transfer.

In Part II, we would like to provide you with some remarkable regulations as follows:

  1. Amending regulations on VAT and CIT
  2. Tightening the management over investment of the state capital
  3. The minimum area for dividing a land parcel in Ho Chi Minh City

Apart from the above, as usual, our Part III will provide you with a selected list of new regulations issued in December 2017 for your further reference.

We hope that this Newsletter is of use to you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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