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Legal Update Newsletter May 2016

Our Part I of this Legal Newsletter introduces legal article titled “Technology taxi services have left passengers happy amid tax authorities’ headache ” written by Ms. Pham Trong Thanh Thuy. In this article, the author has presented several highlights of the technology taxi service business in Vietnam, as well as several challenges for Vietnam’s tax agencies in the management of tax revenue with respect to these business models.

In Part II, we would like to provide you with some remarkable regulations as follows:

  1. More advantages for Vietnamese enterprises upon Vietnam-EU free trade agreement (EVFTA) taking effect
  2. Cases where any renaming is made simultaneously of a property with a change in ownership shall require a registration fee be paid
  3. New regulations on sanctioning administrative violations of prices and invoices
  4. Detailed instructions on tender practice certificate

Apart from the above, as usual, our Part III will provide you with a selected list of new regulations issued in May 2016 for your further reference.

We hope that this Newsletter is of use to you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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