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Legal Update Newsletter May 2019

Our Part I of this Legal Newsletter introduces the legal article “Is the Intermediary E-trading platform characterized as both “honest” and “dishonest”?” by our Lawyer Ho Thi Tram as published on May 23, 2019 in the Sai Gon Economic Times. In this article, the author presented her views from a legal perspective on the policy of “supporting no goods co-inspection” (i.e. not allowing customers to check goods before paying money), which many e-commercial trading platforms (“E-commerce platforms”) have applied in recent months.

By comparing the said policy with the Civil Code, the Law on E-Commerce, the Law on Consumer Rights Protection related to sample terms as well as consumer rights, the author supposed that the said policies of e-commercial trading show signs of being in noncompliance with the law and can directly affect the legal rights and obligations of consumers when purchasing goods through intermediaries. The author finally points out her view that e-commerce platforms should abolish the said provisions to ensure consumers’ rights and comply with the law.

In Part II, we would like to provide you with some remarkable regulations as follows:

  1. Decree providing the guideline on the Law on Planning;
  2. Small and medium-sized enterprises receive a series of favours and assistance from the small and medium-sized enterprises development fund of the Government; and
  3. New points of the Decree amending and supplementing some of articles of the Decrees providing guidelines on the Environmental Protection Law.

Apart from the above, as usual, our Part III will provide you with a selected list of new regulations issued in May 2019 for your further reference.

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