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Update: 04-07-2016 10:44:42
Intergrating into Asean economy community: The impacts to vietnamese labour market

In this situation Vietnam has integrated more deeply into the regional economy, as well as the global economy by entering into the Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP”) and officially joining the ASEAN Economic Community ("ACE") since the end of 2015...

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Update: 06-10-2016 15:08:23
Vietnam and Cambodia’s new national minimum wage talks begin

Lawyer Dinh Quang Thuan - Partner of P&P who has given several practical comments for the online article - People Management magazine, titled " Vietnam and Cambodia’s new national minimum wage talks begin"...

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Update: 10-02-2017 14:40:39
Vietnamese expatriate artists performing in their homeland are legally treated less than strangers

Every year the expatriate artist community makes regular contributions to their homeland not only in the culture and art area but also in such other areas as commercial investment, financial provision, charity and so forth. Arguably, the resources mobilized from the Vietnamese community abroad consist of a significant contribution by expatriate artists. However,...

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Update: 01-02-2016 16:56:24
Special transformations of company models

The article written by our Le An Hai, titled "Special transformations of company models"  is published in The Saigon Economic Times dated 23/1/2014.

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Update: 20-07-2015 15:57:58
How to build impressive domestic law firms in Vietnam?

Vietnam has been a member of the World Trade Organisation(WTO) since January 2007, a member of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and could very well be a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) starting from the beginning of 2016...

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Update: 20-05-2016 12:07:19
Dispute over a domain name of does the law expose a loophole?

The article written by Lawyer Tran Thanh Tung - Partner of Phuoc & Partners and Lawyer Vo Dinh Duc titled "Dispute over a domain name of does the law expose a loophole?...

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