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date: 21-11-2014 11:45:10
Legal Translation

Phuoc & Partners has more than 10 years of experience in providing legal translation service in 5 languages (Vietnamese, English, French, Korean, and Japanese).
a. Services
Our translation service includes but not limited to:   
Legal contracts
Criminal/civil/commercial case documents
Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates
Patents and trademarks
Intellectual property
Phuoc & Partners has established itself as a preferred legal translation services supplier to foreign owned companies in Vietnam. 
b. Legal Translation Specialists 
Our legal translators are professionally qualified linguists
All our translators have at least 6 years professional experience and undergo a rigorous selection procedure
Our legal translators translate exclusively into their native language
We provide legal translation services in 6 language combinations
c. Quality Legal Translation
To guarantee quality, all our legal translations are proofread independently prior to delivery. Our fast and professional service is managed by our personal project manager, who also ensures the confidentiality of our legal translations. 

For more information about the Legal Translation practice, please click here
If you would like further information on how our firm can assist you in addressing legal transation issues, please either email our Partners at: or call to our office at: +84 (8) 3744 9977.



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