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Promotion Announcement of 2017

Promotion Announcement of 2017 - Phuoc & Partners

Promotion Announcement of 2017

Phuoc & Partners is honored to announce the new year promotion of 2017

Ms. Phan Thi Qui is officially elected to be senior lawyer and her assistant, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Duong is promoted to be a lawyer of Phuoc & Partners.

This honored announcement personally will bring a lot of joyful, honor and also pay off for what Ms. Qui and Ms. Duong has always been giving their all effort through years and years at Phuoc & Partners. The promotion is based on all the accomplishment and achievement in work of them as company expected.

We totally have faith and believe that this new year promotion would bring a lot of opportunities to each individual above and they can bring more and more improvement in their major ability and give them a greater development on the career.

In the other hands, we also very happy to welcome Ms. Lac Thi Tu Duy who has just come back after over a year studying overseas at the United Kingdom with a sponsored scholarship by Phuoc & Partners. Ms. Duy is one of the most experienced lawyers working in Civil Consultancy field, and most-known is in tax and labor field but also many other achievements throughout her career. The Master course – with International Trade Law major at Anglia Ruskin University has helped Ms. Duy learn and build her major knowledge so that her contribution to Phuoc & Partners success can continually go on and on in the future.

Information of the above promotion ladies:


Ms. Qui’s career at Phuoc & Partners started on Sep-2011, with finest experience in consultancy, dispute resolution field and desiderate to be a professional lawyer. Ms. Qui had set her mind and concentrate on building and developing her skills and experience in this field. With this promotion, Ms.Qui has proven her ability and career on this professional lawyer path.

For more information about Ms. Qui, click view MS. PHAN THI QUI Profile


Ms. Duong joined Phuoc & Partners on Aug-2013, with all the passion, hard-working and putting her heart in every work of Phuoc & Partners development. Ms. Duong has strived to execute and accomplish every assigned task and received many kindness guides from superior lawyers. This promotion is an inspiration which will help Ms. Duong build her career further as a professional lawyer.

For more information about Ms. Duong, click MS. PHAM THI THUY DUONG Profile