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If I am not satisfied with service provided by the lawyer who is assigned to handle my work, do I have the right to request Phuoc & Partners to change my lawyer?

Provision of legal services is similar to the provision of other services, so there will inevitably be a few client at a certain point of time who are not satisfied with the way our lawyers have provided services. We always try to listen, understand and adapte to the needs of our clients at all time. Therefore, if you have any issues where you are not satisfied with our assigned lawyers/supporting staff, please email our Managing Partner (Mr. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong: email: raising your issue(s). Mr. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong will consider the issue and talk to the people involved so as to improve the provision of services for you and will further inform you of the outcome. If the situation does not improve, then you should inform to Mr. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong again and we will quickly adjust the personnel appropriately in accordance with your requests.