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Staff Promotion Announcement in 2018

Phuoc & Partners would like to announce our new personnel promotion in 2018.

Accordingly, the Phuoc & Partners’ Board of Partners has considered and decided to officially promote three senior lawyers currently working in the head office of Ho Chi Minh City to the position of partner. These include: Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh, Lawyer Duong Tieng Thu and Lawyer Hoang Quoc Nhat Trung.

The promotees are highly experienced professionals in their legal fields who have been on their career pathway for nearly 15 years, including more than 7 years for Phuoc & Partners. They are also active contributors to Phuoc & Partners’ practice activities, major programs and events. Endowed with traits of the utmost importance such as enthusiasm, responsibility, leadership and the ability to evaluate and solve issues quickly, responsibly and effectively, the new partners commit themselves to joining hands with the current Board of Partners in the interest of furthering and building the brand of Phuoc & Partners – increasing success and improving its professional legal service quality.

We believe that this staff promotion will open up opportunities for these individuals to further improve their legal expertise, as they continue to be recognised as excellent and reputable lawyers.

Information regarding the promoted lawyers:


Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh started her career at a Financial Management and Consulting Company. To increase her knowledge and experience in the field of law, she then worked for J & P – a South Korean law firm with a branch in Vietnam – for two years where she assisted Vietnamese and Korean lawyers in advising clients on the law on enterprises, especially in matters relating to businesses, banks and stocks. With the desire to effectively use her knowledge and experience in the area of corporate and commercial law, Quynh then joined the legal department of a reputable multinational insurance company where she helped solve the diverse legal problems as an in-house lawyer. In September 2010, she joined Phuoc & Partners to become a professional lawyer, and has since had the opportunity to work with highly qualified and experienced lawyers in a variety of legal areas, tacking challenges from large companies and corporations from both at home and abroad.


Lawyer Duong Tieng Thu has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of corporate legal practice, including assisting domestic and multinational companies in matters related to enterprises and foreign investment in Vietnam, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfers, trade, and labour and employment. Especially, she has had much experience in the field of labour and employment and has advised on the various legal issues related to trade unions, compliance with the Vietnamese labour law, policies and practices on employment; structure of human resources; matters affecting labour and employment in M&A activities; hiring, dismissal and retrenchment as a result of a change in the organizational structure of an enterprise. She equally has experience in regular legal consultancy on daily business activities and training on labour law and employment for reputable companies in Vietnam.


Lawyer Hoang Quoc Nhat Trung has spent a long time working in the field of legal consultancy at several reputable law firms in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During that period he has gained much valuable knowledge and experience providing legal advice related to investment, commerce, enterprises, labour, tax, intellectual property and other legal matters. Trung is committed to continuous learning, and he has accumulated knowledge and built himself a strong and in-depth legal foundation for future professional development at Phuoc & Partners. At Phuoc & Partners, Trung focusing on the areas of mergers and acquisitions, enterprises and real estate. With his professional competence and experience, Trung has made significant contributions to the success of many merger and acquisition transactions for large clients with professional high quality requirements.